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Spring 2023

To CPT or Not to CPT - That is the Question

Florida has enacted a law of great significance. This new law will allow a married couple to own appreciated assets in a special trust, called a Florida Community Property Trust, or CPT. After the death of the first spouse, all unrealized capital gains in the trust’s portfolio are eliminated. Many couples are considering using this […]
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Winter 2023

The 25-Year Fumble

"Fools ignore complexity … Geniuses remove it."
A fearsome wide receiver in the NFL, Keyshawn Johnson learned a bitter lesson last year: he was no match for the taxman. His legal battle dogged him for much of his adult life and serves now as a cautionary tale for others. In 1996, Johnson signed a $15 million contract with the New York Jets. […]
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Fall 2022

Hunker Down – Or Take Action?

"Delays have dangerous ends."
Dressed in camo and bristling with weapons and ammunition, 20 soldiers were holed up with a handful of civilians in an abandoned building, bracing for an attack sometime around midnight. In the distance, we could hear the crack of gunfire and see the bright orange flares of exploding grenades. Moment by moment, the enemy was […]
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Summer 2022

Sleeping Juror

“Caution is the eldest child of wisdom.”
An anxious silence hung over the courtroom. The plaintiff’s lawyer stood up, squared his shoulders, buttoned his jacket and sauntered towards me. I was testifying as an expert witness for the defense, and I braced myself for a bare-knuckle brawl. Like a seasoned boxer, he started with soft jabs, then unleashed a volley of hard-hitting […]
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Spring 2022

Danger Zone for Your IRA

“Collecting more taxes than absolutely necessary is legalized robbery.”
As a husband and father, Peter Penguin was unrivaled in his devotion. When it came to nesting, though, he had made a foolish blunder. The family home was only a short trek from the ocean’s buffet of fish and squid. Waddling there and back safely was another matter. Between the nest and the ocean was […]
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